KC-8000V KC-8000V
KC-8000V KC-8000V
KC-8000V KC-8000V
KC-8000V KC-8000V
KC-8000V KC-8000V

Product name:KC-8000V


KC-8000 is a new model invented after years of textile printing experience and research, KC-8000 is the most typical flat screen printing machine in the modern printing industry, its performance fully meets the requirements of the modern textile printing technology – stable operation, high accuracy, fast speed, user friendly, low failure rate, good maintenance, and energy saving theory.


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KC-8000V Detail

The main features are:

♦ The computerized central control system adopts touch screen, all the command input functions appears as graphics, this user friendly system also has a self checking function. 
♦ New tensionless fabric feeding system, with an unique design for continuous feeding structure, the feeding speed can be monitored automatically, also can synchronize the feeding speed and the dryer running speed, suitable for various kinds of fabric types for tensionless feeding.
The special machine frames achieved high accuracy and general stability by CNC machining, which helps the machine keeps its high functioning under a high speed production process and keeps the printing accuracy between ±0.1.
♦ The printing belt operation adopts the latest synchronized servo system, the overall system is driven synchronously by two high precision pulse AC servo, achieved high transmit speed, high sensitive reaction, even up and down tension, easy to repair, high stability, average production capability can be up to 1600m/hr.
♦ The perfect design for printing scraping table makes the screen loading & unloading process faster and easier, even when swap with other design screen, the only thing need to do is visual adjustment. Adding slurry is very convenient won’t be any damage caused to the screen. (It is extremely easy and fast when swap different design screen, is very suitable for the increasing number of design cycle and small volume production.)
♦ The tensionless dryer with the latest design, has got ultra high speed air supply and circulation system, strong discharge capacity, automatic adjust drying energy, can meet variety of different cloth drying requirement.
♦ With the years of experience and development, Key Cheng is full of advanced technology. Key Cheng make sure every single machinery is manufactured with the highest quality management and workflow, to ensure the high capability, high stability, high accuracy, least failure to meet the customers’ demands.


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